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Learning Plan

  1. Watch the video on naming simple ionic compounds.

  2. Review Essential Information on naming ionic compounds.

  3. Correctly name ten simple ionic compounds in a row!

Once you get ten in a row, return to the Syllabus or continue to the next section (Naming Ions).

Essential Information

Metal + Non-Metal = Ionic Compound
for example, CaCl2, KBr, or Al3N2

Keys to Naming Binary Ionic Compounds:

Name the metal (the cation) as it appears on the Periodic Table.
Na+ = Sodium 2+ = Magnesium Al3+ = Aluminum

For the non-metal (the anion) write the name on the Periodic Table and then replace the ending with ide.

CaCl2 = Calcium chlorine = Calcium chloride
AlN = Aluminum nitrogen = Aluminum nitride
Na2O = Sodium oxygen = Sodium oxide


How to Name Simple Ionic Compounds