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Learning Plan

  1. Watch the video on writing formulas for acids and bases

  2. Review Essential Information on formula writing for acids and bases.

  3. Correctly name ten in a row!

Once you get ten in a row, return to the Syllabus or continue to (Cumulative Practice #3).

Essential Information

Formula Writing Rules:
    Hydro + stem + ic
  1. Write H.
  2. Use the stem to find element name on the periodic table.
  3. Balance the charges.
    Stem + ic
  1. Write the ion: stem + ate
  2. Look up ion on Common Ion Table.
  3. Write H and then the ion formula
  4. Balance the charges.
    Stem + ous
  1. Write H.
  2. Write the ion: stem + ite
  3. Write H and then the ion formula.
  4. Balance the charges.


Naming Bases: Common bases contain the OH- (hydroxide) ion. They are named just like ionic compounds. For example, NaOH is called Sodium hydroxide. NH3, Ammonia, is an important exception.