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Learning Plan

  1. Watch the video on naming types of compound.
  2. Use the table to determine the type of compound.
  3. Practice until you are confident with the different types of compounds.

Select the type of compound for:


Ion    Binary Ionic    Ternary Ionic    Molecular   Organic   Acid   Base  

Periodic Table with Metals and Non-Metals Color-Coded
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Essential Information

Type Description Examples
Ion Element with a Charge Sodium ion, Na+
Chloride ion, Cl-
Polyatomic Ion Group of Elements with a Charge Carbonate ion, CO32-
Ammonium ion, NH4+
Binary Ionic M + Single NM Sodium chloride, NaCl
Aluminum oxide, Al2O3
Ionic with Transition Metal Transition M with NM or Polyatomic Ion Iron (III) chloride, FeCl3
Manganese (II) sulfate, MnSO4
(also called Covalent)
NNM + NM Dinitrogen pentoxide, N2O5
Carbon monoxide, CO
Organic Compounds consisting primarily of C and H. Methane, CH4
Ethane, C2H6