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Equation Stoichiometry

Equation stoichiometry is the culmination of many skills:

We put all of these skills together to solve mass to mass, mass to liters, and mass to molecules stoichoimetry problems.

Solving Stoichiometry Problems:

In a typical problem we:
  • convert grams, liters, or molecules given in the problem to moles.

  • use the mole ratio to find moles of the desired quantity.

  • convert moles of the desired quantity to grams, liters, or molecules. This is the answer!

More Help and Practice:

Thinking Tools

It is helpful to visualize two mole maps connected by the mole ratio to solve stoichiometry problems:

Two Mole Maps Connected by the Mole Ratio

One way to find the the mole ratio is:

Equation: Mole ratio = coefficient of given quantity / coefficient of desired quantity.

We get the coefficients for the mole ratio from the balanced equation.

Printable Mole Map