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Learning to name and write formulas ...

... is all about patterns, something your brain is very good at. But it takes meaningful, guided practice with immediate feedback to be successful.

Learning comes down to:

  • determining the type of compound.
  • applying the rules for that type of compound.
  • practicing until it becomes second nature.

For each type of compound you need to learn both how to name and write the chemical formula.

Essential Skills & Information

To be successful you must be skilled at:

  • determining the type of compound so you can apply the correct rules.

  • finding the ionic charge on elements and ions.

  • learning from your mistakes.
Iron (III) Oxide

Fastest and Most Effective Way to Learn

Learning isn't just about memorizing.

  • Always give an answer even if you have to guess.
  • Use feedback and videos to learn from your mistakes.
  • Break it up. Several short practice sessions are better than one long session.

Working with others who are serious about learning will accelerate and enrich your own learning.